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1.Follow the instructions to use the Hand Warmer.
2. Prohibit disassemble,open,chopped, pierced with metal to the product.
3.When not using the product for long-term, recharge it at least every three months.
4. Do not put the product under a heat source or flame, do not put it into water or fire and avoid prolonged sun exposure for long time.
5. Keep the product out of the reach of children when it is powered on.
6. Allow the product to cool to room temperature before storing.
7.Do not place items on the product during power-on and storage.
8. Check the product frequently for wear or damage and do not use it if there is such a problem.
9. Once the product leak, keep away from it,do not touch it with your skin, eyes and other sensitive parts; if you already touch it, wash the touching area with plenty of water, then go to hospital asap.
Operation instructions
Short press the Power Button to switch heat levels.
Long press the Power Button for 3s to turn off hand warmer mode.
Battery display instructions
Double-press the Power Button to show remaining battery(blue indicator on).
All Blue Light On: 71-100% Battery
Two Blue Light On: 36-70% Battery
One Blue Light On:0-35% Battery
Note: The blue indicator flashes from low to high when charging and is always on when fully charged. The hand warmer cannot be heated while charging
🌍 [Hand Warmers Rechargeable, Conserve Energy & Electricity] WARMHAND rechargeable hand warmers have high-quality internal heat plates and concentrated heat dissipation area, both work together to deliver a decent burst of even heat, provide significantly power energy and the loss of energy consumption. Made with an high-quality battery, the heat transfer can run up to 10 hours. Avail a healthy heat transfer with 3 indicator lights that inform you of the remaining battery.
😀[Enjoy the Warmth Tailored to You] WARMHAND’S pocket hand warmers rechargeable offers 3 levels of heating with temperatures ranging from 95℉ to 130℉, providng cumulative 6-10 hours of warmth. Furthermore, whether it is back pain, cramps, or premenstrual syndrome, this hand warmer works like a charm in relieving the pain and making you feel better. They are compact enough to fit inside your set of gloves or even your pant pockets, emanating constant heat while keeping your blood flowing.
🏈[Small in Size, Easy-pack and Go] Rechargeable hand warms pair is smaller than the size of a credit card, only 1/2 the weight of a mobile phone. The thin design allows this 2-pack hand warmer to fit into pretty much any pocket, glove, hat to keep you warm when you’re in the cold. It’s the perfect partner to fight off the freeze whenever and wherever you need warmth, making golf, fishing, hiking, camping, climbing, skiing, football/baseball match or icy cold drive much more pleasant and warm.
💝[Warm Winter Gifts & Worry-free After-sales] For tech-lover, sports, or outdoor enthusiasts and winter commuters, this rechargeable hand warmer makes the perfect gift for the cold weather season. Bring the warmth from the fingertip to their heart in Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Thanks Giving Day, Valentine’s Day. Come with a one-year warranty, if you have any issue of our electronic hand warmer, please contact us without hesitation, we will take serious in any voices of our users.

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