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Electric mason jar vacuum sealer kits are compatible with regular-mouth and wide-mouth mason jars and lids.

The Mason jar vacuum sealer creates a vacuum environment that locks in flavor, nutrients, and freshness, protecting your food. The unique design can keep food away from more air, keep food more fresher than without it. Whether you’re preserving homemade jams and sauces, or marinating meats, our vacuum sealer is an essential tool for any home.

The sealer is too big to carry with you when you travel or have a picnic? You can use this electric mason jar vacuum sealer instead of it. Compared to a manual mason jar vacuum sealer, you can save your time and strength, and makes a great gift for friends and your family.

When filling soft or liquid food, do not overfill the bottle, the less air in the bottle, the longer the sealer will work and the sealing effect will be short.
Please check whether the mouth of the mason jar is dry. If there is water or debris at the mouth of the bottle, the mason jar sealer will not be able to seal it.
The mason jar vacuum sealer did not press into place and did not allow the mouth of the bottle to fully enter the sealer.
Please note that frequent use may cause the silicone ring inside the Mason vacuum sealer to dislocate, resulting in seal failure, please manually adjust to the original position before use.

【Meet Your Vacuum Sealing Needs】Our Mason jar vacuum sealer come with regular and wide-mouth Mason jar sealer accessories ( (Mason jars not included) . To get the standard mouth seal jar, simply insert the red arrow on the standard mouth seal converter, align it with the unlock symbol on the main unit and then insert it inside the silicone ring in the wide mouth seal area and tighten it clockwise, at this point the arrow is aligned with the lock symbol , which indicates a successful installation
【Easy to Use】It is very convenient to operate. Put the Mason lid on the top of the jar, place the electric Mason jar vacuum sealer in the center and firmly press it on the lid of the tank, then click the button to start, wait for 40s or longer, and click the button again to close the jar vacuum sealer for Mason jars.
【Portable Vacuum Sealer】The size of this vacuum sealer for jars is very easy to carry, whether you are traveling or using at home. Mason jar vacuum sealer creates a vacuum environment to keep your food fresh. Whether you’re preserving Solid or liquid food, the vacuum sealer is an essential tool for any home.
【Products and After-sales Service】 The kit includes the Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer (equipped with both regular and wide-mouth sealer attachments), 5 wide-mouth Mason jar lids, 5 regular-mouth Mason jar lids, 1 bottle opener, Type-C charger and an instruction manual. We provide one year warranty service, if you have any questions please contact us immediately, we will solve the problem for you within 12 hours.

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