We have noticed that, sometimes BG name is not coming correct under process engine.
               BG name is coming in random name.

Reason: – This is because the BG name which is displayed takes from root/etc/hostname.

Solution: – Please find the solutions mentioned below.

1). Go to the root folder of server.

2) Then go to /etc folder and then find the xml file call hostname.xml

3) Then enter the hostname without FQDN(full qualified domain name).

Enter w3school only if it is like w3school.co.in.

4) Now Stop all the services.

Service stop all

5) now remove all the services.

Service remove all

6) now add all the services.

Service add bg,app,nsa,ppmbroker,beacon

7) now deploy the service.

Service deploy bg,app,nsa,ppmbroker,beacon

8) now start the services.

Service start all.

 Now go to admin -> process engine and check the BG name, issue has been resolved.

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